When in Rome.... use MapEasy's guide map of Rome.

Find out where the loveliest street in all of Rome is, as well as a quick lunch spot sure to become one of your favorites, and an elevated pedestrian bridge where you can take a spectacular night photo of the Colosseum. This information and more has been added to our newly updated MapEasy guidemap to Rome. A must-see is the Trevi fountain (map grid P-8) where, with a backwards coin toss, you can assure your future return to Rome. Then head over to Via Veneto (grid T-4). Not only is this street the famous backdrop of Fellini's film, La Dolce Vita, but it is also an historic walking area. Here you can enjoy extravagant shops, exclusive hotels, and Michelin-starred cuisine. If you follow Via Veneto to the top, you will come to Porta Pinciana (grid S-2), a portal in the ancient wall built around Rome in 403 A.D. Through here are the gardens of Villa Borghese, containing the Goethe monument, the Temple of Diana, the Monument to Umberto I and the Borghese Gallery. If you've worked up an appetite, head downward to Via Boncompagni, take a left turn and walk up to Via Quintion Sella and turn right. Here you'll find a small, 'hole in the wall' local eatery called Gusto di Pizza (located at grid W-4 ). Many times a crowd spills over onto the sidewalk. The reason why becomes apparent as soon as you taste the spinach stuffed focaccia bread. Another delicious treat in Rome (if you go in the winter season) is a warm serving of chestnuts. Vendors sell these steaming treats on the street near the Spanish steps (see photo below). Stroll up Via del Babuino towards Piaza del Popolo and take a right at Via Alibert. Off this street you will find Via Margutta, my favorite street in all of Rome (at EE-7 on Spanish Step Area close-up map, or at N-3 on full size Rome map). Picturesque and lovely, this street is lined with art galleries and ivy-covered shops. There is so much more to see and do in Rome: eat GREAT gelato at gelateria San Crispino (grid Q8 near Trevi fountain & near Pantheon at grid WW11 on Piazza Navona close-up map); see the Colosseum (great night time view from the overhead pedestrian bridge located on our map at grid RR-14), walk the Roman Forum, visit the Vatican (don't miss the Sistine Chapel!), St. Peter's, Castel S. Angelo, the Pantheon, Piazza Roma!